Camisa Nahualá 388-0831Nahualá

Darling young boys’ camisa shirt from the Nahualá region of Guatemala. This deep red camisa measures 19 1/2″ across the shoulders from tip to tip, not including the 11″ length of each sleeve. The length from shoulder to bottom edge is 23 1/2″. The head opening is a generous hemmed slit down the front with a decorative collar. This camisa has been constructed to allow expansion in both the bodice and the length and width of the sleeves with some basic stitching. It appears to be able to be expanded approximately 6″ across the chest and 3″ on each of the sleeve lengths and 1 1/2″ on the diameter of each sleeve.

This camisa is woven in a soft red cotton blend and trimmed with classic geomorphic diamond patterns that are traditional in the area of Nahualá. The accent patterns are mainly yellow with pink, green, purple, and a variety of other colors woven in predominantly acrylic threads. The background fabric is deep red with stripes of white, green, yellow, blue, and orange.

Additional photos can be found here.

This camisa is in excellent condition; almost like new. There is slight fuzzing of the threads on the collar area, more than likely due to storage. A great chance to have a wonderful boys’ camisa. Perfect for display or wear!




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