428 Capishay San Juan Atitan-0628San Juan Atitán

Unique capishay or tunic made in the town of San Juan Atitán in the Huehuetenango region of Guatemala. The capishay is an tunic worn by men as a covering over their shirt and pants in order to say warm and dry in this cooler and frequently damp area of the country . This garment is made completely of felted wool from the sheep in the region, and is so tightly felted that it repels the wet and damp. This particular style is worn by the men of the town over their their clothes and belted with a faja.  This capishay measures 13″ across the shoulders and 35″ from the shoulders to the lower edge with a 3″ fringe on the back lower edge. The ‘sleeves’ extend approximately 10 1/2″ beyond the shoulders. The sleeves are non-functional, as they are only worn on top of the shoulders and not with the arms slid through them.

Additional photos can be found here.

Please note that this item can be combined with the sombrero, faja, camisa, and tzute from San Juan Atitán that we have for sale to have a man’s outfit from the pueblo, just add white cotton pants and it is complete! Great photo of how they are generally worn here.

This capishay is in excellent used condition with very little sign of wear.  A very lovely and seldom seen for sale textile!



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