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497 Rebozo San Pedro la Laguna-0023San Pedro la Laguna

This large and beautiful vintage perraje/rebozo or shawl is from the town of San Pedro la Laguna. This very elegant perraje would be worn over the shoulders or folded and placed on top of the head. This stunning textile measures 27 1/2″ in width and 81″ in length, not including the additional 1″ fringe on each end.

This classic vintage shawl is woven with the traditional stripes in various colors alternating with black and white squares. The delicate fringe has been painstakingly knotted and interwoven to create an ornate edge. This shawl is soft and warm with its wonderful woven cotton fibers!

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This perraje is in excellent used condition, particularly for its age, with little sign of wear except some slight lightening of the bright colors due to age. Older pieces like this are not often seen offered! Great vintage textile!



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