Very elegant and very long cinta from the town of Aguacatán. Women wear this style of cinta in their hair as part of their outfit. This colorful cinta measures 108″ in length (not including tassels) and 4″ in width. The tassels at each end measure 5″ each.

This cinta is finely hand woven with geomorphic mayan shapes that represent the colorful daily life running the full length of the cinta. The threads are a mix of cotton, acrylic, blended and metallic accents. The metallic thread is used sparingly in the lines dividing the sections from the tassels up to the top of the section with the ducks on each side. This unique cinta is woven in a predominantly blue color scheme as compared to the more commonly seen red color schemes. This cinta is older, as this color scheme and style is not found much anymore.

This cinta is in excellent used condition with very little wear.



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