541 Cinta Zunil-0336Zunil

Elegant and long cinta from the town of Zunil. Women wear this style of cinta in their hair as part of their outfit. This very colorful cinta measures 109″ in length, not including the additional 5 1/2″ of tassels on each end.

This rigid cinta is finely woven with geometric designs in three different color patterns that run the full length of the cinta. The colors sections are: purple with a very faint colorful metallic accent, a simple deep red color with accent stripes, and a multicolor section with very detailed weaving. The tassels are soft braided black threads that extend from each end.

Additional photos can be found here.

This cinta is in very good used condition with very slight wear of the weaving along the edge. A very unique piece that can be displayed in many ways!



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