Large and beautiful woven corte, or mayan skirt, ikat design with beautiful colors with a super soft feel from the town of Zunil. The corte is a wrap-around skirt that consists of a cut of cloth usually joined to form a tube into which the woman steps. Excess material is wrapped around the body and folded at the waist in pleats, and tied with a faja (belt).

This elegant corte measures 44 1/2″ wide and 90″ long (laid flat). Cortes are generally sewn together to make a tube, but this one is not. It is a full flat piece of fabric.

This corte is beautiful with its design that is accented with colors of blue, purple, yellow, and green on a navy blue and white ikat design. In the design, figures of people and various plants can be seen running the full length of the fabric. This fabric is slightly worn which gives it a super soft feel. Along the center of the corte is a randa or seam that joins the two large sections of fabric. This randa is decorated by hand embroidered stripes that create a cross on the corte.

Fabric from cortes can be used in a variety of ways, such as table covers, bed covers, curtains, throw pillows, etc.

This corte is in very good used condition, with very few signs of wear. Perhaps some loose threads.



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