#809 Faja-2368Faja

Unique hand-woven faja/belt. Fajas are used as the belt to hold up the corte/skirt in the mayan traje or outfit. This lovely faja measures 88″ long, with an additional 5″ of tassel on each end. It measures 2.5” wide. The added design runs approximately 36” of the total length.

This faja is woven with a black background color and is accented with a added design stitched on top. The added woven fabric is in the ikat style of the cortes/skirts that the women wear with some lover silver metallic thread accents. This is a newer, more simply designed faja.

Additional photos can be found here.

This faja is in like new condition with little wear Perhaps some tangles on the tassel ends. A beautiful piece!



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