508 Faja Palin-0113Palín

Unique and bright red hand-woven faja/belt made in the town of Palín. Fajas are used as the belt to hold up the corte (skirt) in the mayan traje or outfit. This beautiful faja measures 98″ long, with an additional 5″ of tassel on one end and 8″ on the other. It also measures 4 3/4” wide. The colorfully woven zigzag design runs approximately 31” on one end and 33″ on the other end.

This faja is woven in a rich red color and is accented with a colorfully woven zigzag design representing the mountains and rivers that flow through the area. There is much use of cotton threads in this vintage faja with an tiny accent of gold metallic threads woven at one end on one side. This is a fairly thick textile, and stiff due to the heavy nature of the woven threads.

Additional photos can be found here.

This faja is in excellent used condition with no sign of wear, except for perhaps a few loose threads and creasing along the length. A stunning textile for display or use. Would make an exceptional table runner!



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