#734 San Antonio Aguas Calientes-1436San Antonio Aguas Calientes

Exquisite huipil made in the town of San Antonio Aguas Calientes. This area is known for its incredibly detailed weaving that is frequently copied in other nearby towns. This beautiful huipil measures 29 1/2″ across the shoulders, 23″ across the chest, and 22 1/2″ from the neckline to the bottom edges (folded). The neck opening is square, and measures a generous 6 1/2” by 7″.

This spectacular huipil has the traditional rows of zigzag mountains, triangular patterns of the rivers, and many mayan stars. The most impressive part is the garden full of flowers and beautiful birds across the chest and over the shoulders that is done in the very fine and detailed San Antonio weaving style, ‘doble cara’, where the pattern is identical both inside and out. Generally this is done in a small part of the huipil, but not often seen in a such large area as in this huipil. The weaving is incredibly fine, causing this huipil to be wonderfully soft to the touch. This is a perfect example of the classic San Antonio Aguas Calientes design in beautiful eye-catching colors.

Additional photos can be found here.

This huipil is in great used condition and is quite stunning for its color scheme and weaving. Please note that this huipil has been tailored for a more fitted style. The sides have been taken in and the excess fabric on the inside has been removed to reduce bulk, thus the sides cannot be unstitched to enlarge.



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