646 San Antonio Palopo-0946San Antonio Palopó

Like new very large and crisp blue huipil from San Antonio Palopó in the Lake Atitlán area. This striking huipil has clean lines and colors that reflect the turquoise colored waters of the lake. This huipil measures 34″ across the shoulders, 32″ from the shoulders to the bottom hem, and the collar is roundish and very generous in size. The sides have been sewn to create armholes.

Huipiles from San Antonio Palopó are woven on a foot loom by men, and then decorated with accents by women. This simple yet elegant huipil has a lovely multi-shade blue accent decoration around the collar and half way down the front and back where the panels are joined. There is a simple zigzag stitch along the bottom raw edge.

Additional photos can be found here.

This huipil is in excellent condition and has very little sign of wear.



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