#717 San Martin Jilotepeque-1095San Martin Jilotepeque

Simple yet elegant daily use huipil from the San Martin Jilotepeque region in Chimaltenango, Guatemala. This huipil measures 32″ across the shoulders, and 26″ from the neckline to the bottom edges (folded). The neck opening is square and measures 5″ along each of the four sides.

The colors are black and  purple with lilac and white.  The sides are closed, creating sleeve holes. This huipil has predominantly acrylic woven thread on a cotton blend background that is faint lilac in color with a white lower section that was added to extend the length. It is soft and lightweight, making it comfortable to wear.

Additional photos can be found here.

This huipil is in very good used condition. There are a few loose threads. It would be wonderful for display or wear!



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