634 San Martin Chile Verde-0830San Martín Sacatepequez

Huipil from the San Martín Sacatepequez region of Guatemala, also know as San Martín Chile Verde. This large huipil measures 32 1/2″ across the shoulders, 24 1/2″ from the neckline to the bottom edges (folded). The neck opening is square shaped and measures 4″ x 4″ with an additional 2″ snap-closed opening to aid in pulling over the head. The sides have been sewn to create armholes

Wonderful bright colors and hand weaving that features colorful zigzag rivers throughout. The background fabric is medium woven black cotton. It is partially lined with a white cotton fabric.

Additional photos can be found here.

This huipil is in fair used condition with signs of wear, some loose threads and spots of wear in the weaving in the bodice. There is wear on the lining fabric at the collar. This is a large and striking textile!



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