San Pedro Sacatepéquez

Very lovely hand woven huipil! It is from San Pedro Sacatepéquez. This elegant huipil measures 34″ across the shoulders, and 25″ from the neckline to the bottom edges (folded). The neck opening is diamond shaped and if looked at as a square, measures 5 3/4″ on each of the four sides. The sides have had the stitching removed to open the arm holes, but can easily be restitched if desired.

This huipil is very beautiful with a hand woven pattern throughout. It includes the classic diamonds and triangles representing the mountains, rain, and rivers. It has a rainbow of colors including the predominant deep purple. The collar and sleeve caps are trimmed with elegant black crochet. The woven background is basic white cotton. This is a classic example of the incredibly beautiful huipiles of the San Pedro Sacatepéquez region.

This huipil is in great used condition, with no visible sign of wear.



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