Santa Catarina Palopó

Beautiful blue and purple on red huipil with colors to match the waters of Lake Atitlán.  This wonderfully woven huipil from the town of Santa Catarina Palopó refects the beauty of the Lake Atitlán waters. This larger huipil measures 32″ across the shoulders, 28″ from shoulders to bottom hem, and the collar is square and measures 6″ on each of the four sides.

This very detailed three panel huipil is woven with many geomorphic figures of animals such as butterflies, quetzales (national bird of Guatemala), deer, corn plants, turkeys, etc. throughout the bodice in a shiny lustrina thread. The background is a heavy woven red cotton with vertical stripes of red and yellow. The sleeve openings are trimmed in a simple blue acrylic thread. This red huipil is an older style huipil that is not seen as much. Many of the women of this town have started wearing the mostly blue huipiles, thus these red ones are not as easily found.

This huipil is in very good used condition with very few signs of wear. Perhaps a few loose threads.



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