Santiago Atitlán*

Striking huipil made in the style of the Santiago Atitlán area of Guatemala. This huipil measures 34 1/2″ across the shoulders, and 22 1/2″ from the neckline to the bottom edges (folded). The neck opening is rectangular, and measures 6” x 7″.

*This huipil was actually made in the neighboring town of Santa Maria de Jesús with the classic design of Santiago Atitlán; as can be seen in the woven striped cotton background in turquoise and blue. The hand guided machine embroidered design shows elegant birds on a leafy background. The design covers the sleeves as well. This huipil is absolutely beautiful with colors inspired by the lake waters.

This huipil is in very good used condition. There is some slight wear in the form of a few loose threads, and very small areas of wear.



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