Santo Domingo Xenacój 381-0530Santo Domingo Xenacój

This color-filled huipil is from the area of Santo Domingo Xenacój. This beautiful huipil measures 34 1/2″ across the shoulders, and 23″ – 24″ (front is a bit longer than back) from the neckline to the bottom edges (folded). The neck opening is round and measures 6″ in diameter. The sides have been unstitched, allowing for display. They can be easily restitched to create armholes.

This huipil is the most beautiful deep burgundy colored background with the traditional animal and plant motif woven across the shoulders that is trademark of the Xenacój region. Part way down the front and back is a simple decorative stitch that joins the panels. The weaving is done in wonderful colors of pinks, greens, blues, and purples. The background fabric is super soft woven cotton with stripes in accent colors.

Additional photos can be found here.

This huipil is in excellent used condition with few signs of wear. Perhaps a few loose threads, and a slight amount of wear at the collar. A spectacular Xenacój huipil!




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