757 Solola-1962Sololá

Striking blousa huipil from the department of Sololá. Traditional ikat style woven stripes throughout the bodice with accent weaving across the shoulders. Simple open collar. This blouse-style is common for the Sololá area with added sleeves and a longer hem. This huipil measures 17″ across the shoulders (not including the length of the sleeves), 24″ across lower section, 22″ across chest, 26″ from the shoulders to the bottom hem, and the neck opening is a 7″ slit in the front. The sleeves each measure 8″ in length.

This huipil is woven in the traditional style of Sololá with a rainbow of colors. There is a predominantly black and brown cotton background with a variety of colors throughout the bodice. There are also woven figures throughout the upper section accenting the blousa. The shoulders are decorated with beautifully colored mayan stars. There is hand-guided, machine done embroidery accents of flowers. The sleeve ends are unfinished, but have been folded in the photo to show how they are normally worn.

Additional photos can be found here.

This very elegant huipil is in great used condition. There is very slight wear, perhaps a few loose threads.



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