778 Todos Santos Cuchumatan-2254Todos Santos Cuchumatán

Classic huipil with beautiful colors from the town of Todos Santos Cuchumatán. This daily use huipil measures 29″ across the shoulders, 28.5″ across the chest,  and 24″ from the neckline to the bottom edges (folded). The neck opening is square shaped and measures 3″ x 3″ with additional 2.5″ and 3.5″ snap-closed slits on each side (smaller). The sides have been partially sewn to create armholes.

This daily use vintage huipil is lovely with delicate woven designs that feature very tiny designs throughout the bodice on both sides. This style of weaving leaves the loose ends on the inside, creating a shaggy lining that aids in warmth in the high mountain area. The huipil is accented around the collar with purple velveteen trim and radiating lines of applique that is classic to the area. The sleeve openings are trimmed with pink (faded to white) velveteen. The background fabric is white medium weight black cotton.

Additional photos can be found here.

This vintage huipil is in fair used condition, with some sign of wear, mainly rust on the collar snaps and fading of some of the black background and sleeve trims. A wonderfully striking huipil!



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