555 Rebozo Nebaj-1385Nebaj

Beautiful perraje/rebozo or shawl from the village of Nebaj. This very elegant perraje would be worn over the shoulders or folded and placed on top of the head. This lovely textile measures 30 1/2″ in width and 52 1/2″ in length, not including the additional 6 1/2″ fringe on each end. It is made from two panels woven on a backstrap loom and joined with simple stitching down the middle.

This classic Nebaj shawl is woven with the traditional stripes in various colors with the predominant green, black, and cranberry. The delicate fringe creates a very elegant touch to the ends. The decorative weaving of geomorphic animal figures is representative for the area of Nebaj. The decorative white stitching was added after the panels were joined and runs the entire width of the rebozo. This shawl is very striking and elegant.

Additional photos can be found here.

This perraje is in excellent used condition, with little sign of wear, perhaps a few loose threads and some pulling of the weaving. Very lovely textile for display or use!



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