445 Sombrero Todos Santos-0314Todos Santos Cuchumatán

Classic vintage sombrero from the town of Todos Santos Cuchumatán. The men in this town proudly wear this medium weight straw hat with their traditional clothing. Todos Santos Cuchumatán is one of the few regions left in Guatemala where the men continue to wear their traditional Maya clothing instead of opting for the less expensive ‘western’ clothing. This sombrero measures 20 3/4″ around the inside of the hat (head size), is 4″ tall, with a brim of 2″ all the way around. The band that surrounds the hat is 1 5/8″ wide.

This classic style vintage sombrero is made from straw that appears to be machine stitched. There are metal eyelets (4 sets of 3) spaced around the upper area allowing for ventilation. This is definitely a working man’s hat. The accent band is heavy leather trimmed with metal button studs and wrapped in royal blue cotton ribbon. The band was probably firmly attached at one point, but not just sits snugly around the hat. The use of leather is very fitting from this ‘horse-centric’ area of the country.

Please note that this item can be combined with the camisa and pantalones from Todos Santos Cuchumatán that we have for sale, to have a man’s complete outfit from the pueblo! Great photo of how they are generally worn here.

Additional photos can be found here.

This sombrero is in fair used condition. It has been well used and loved. There is some deterioration of the straw around the very outer rim. There is some discoloration throughout. In the back, two of the three metal eyelets are missing. There are a few of the metal brads missing in the trim band. This would make a wonderful decoration piece! It is an item not often seen offered for sale!



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