596 Tzute San Juan Atitan-0131San Juan Atitán

Elegant tzute or utility cloth made in the town of San Juan Atitán. Tzutes are generally used by both men and woman in a variety of manners. This particular style is worn by the men of the town over their shoulder and is used for many tasks including carrying items.  This tzute measures 38″ by 37″ with tiny fringe at the end.

This tzute is woven in stunning purple and red cotton threads with cotton blend accent designs and delicate soft tassels on one end and a lovely square design in the center with Mayan star accents. The fabric is very soft and light to the touch!

Additional photos can be found here.

This tzute is in very good used condition with very little sign of wear. The is a very tiny nick in the edge along one side and some color variation due to age. This would make a stunning table cover, wall accent, or even as a light weight shawl. A very lovely textile!



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