San Juan SacatepéquezSan Juan Sacatepéquez

Vintage tzute with fantastic colors from San Juan Sacatepéquez. This antique weaving is large and measures 50” by 53”. It is woven in two panels, and is joined by a hand stitched randa (seam) sewn in colors of orange, green, blue, and burgundy. This back-strap woven piece was probably used for a variety of purposes by its mayan owner.

The predominant color of this tzute is a soft purple, accented with red and yellow as is common for the region of San Juan Sacatepéquez. This vintage piece incorporates the use of natural plant fibers, including cotton and ixcaco.

This tzute is in good used condition for its age. There is some slight wear in the form of a few loose threads in the weaving. This tzute has two small holes from wear. One hole is approximately ½” square, and the other is approximately ¼” square. There a few very faint stains and minor fading of the colors.



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