Santa Maria de Jesús

Unique tzute from the town of Santa Maria de Jesús. This large and beautiful tzute measures 38″ wide, and 39″ long. Tzutes are generally used by both men and woman in a variety of manners. They are used for many tasks including carrying items, covering the shoulders when cold, and folding and placing on the head to keep the sun off or when entering a church.

This tzute is unique and beautiful with its deep dark colors and hand weaving that feature the traditional animal motifs of Santa Maria de Jesús. The colors are blue, green, purple and white on a black background. The thread used to weave this tzute is mostly acrylic and cotton. The randa seam joining the two panels is done in simple hand stitching in a variety of colors.

Additional photos can be found here.

This stunning tzute is in great used condition. Perhaps a few loose threads. This is an incredible work of art in textile form!



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