586 Tzute Nebaj-0079Nebaj

Elegant tzute/perraje or utility cloth made in the town of Nebaj. Tzutes are generally used by both men and woman in a variety of manners. Tzutes are used for many tasks including carrying items, covering the shoulders when cold, and folding a placing on the head to keep the sun off or when entering church.  This textile, for its size, can be used either as a tzute or as a perraje (shawl). This textile measures 22″ – 24″ wide (width is not consistent the entire length) by 44″ long with 6 1/2″ of fringe at each end.

This textile is woven in the classic green with purple, burgundy and white striped threads with fantastic geomorphic figures and people throughout and delicate soft tassels on each end. This tzute tells a wonderful story with figures of men, birds, corn plants, horses and others on a single woven panel.

Additional photos can be found here.

This tzute is in great used condition with little sign of wear, a few loose threads and some wear on the tassels. This would make a stunning shawl, table cover or wall accent. A very lovely textile!



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