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Classic detailed delantal or apron.

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Very detailed and ornate Guatemalan delantal or apron. These delantales are an important piece of traditional clothing. Women are seen wearing these for daily clothing and particularly when in the market. Fancier versions are worn for more formal events.

This delantal measures 52″ wide along the waist ties from end to end, 31″ long from waist to hem, and 33″ wide at the widest part of delantal (about half way down).  This delantal is made from the tradition corte/skirt fabric that has been embellished with free-hand, machine embroidery, accent trim, and cut-away sections with metal grommet accents. There is some use of metallic thread and trim. This delantal includes a functional zip-open pocket.

This delantal is in good used condition with some sign of wear, perhaps a few loose threads and slightly worn areas. A lovely textile!

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Dimensions 15 × 12 × 1 in


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