About Us

Our Beginning
In early 2006 it started with a love and enchantment of the beautiful Guatemalan clothing textiles, combined with a desire to give back to the amazing Mayan community that so lovingly creates these works of art, which has resulted in Ixchel Textiles.

We have an appreciation for the beautiful clothing textiles found in Guatemala. They are created with a centuries old skill that is amazing to see first hand. Each piece has a unique design and tells a wonderful story while carrying a small part of the spirit of the weaver within its threads.

Making a Difference
It is only appropriate that the proceeds from the sale of these stunning items be returned to the people from which they came. We do so in our assistance through an organization here in Guatemala that directly helps the Guatemalan people. This assistance includes school sponsorships, family support, and more. More information can be found at www.FundaMaya.org.

About our Shop
Our store serves two purposes. First, as a place where the these unique textiles can be purchased for wear, display, or just to enjoy. Secondly, as an online collection as reference for us and others that appreciate these works of art.

We are not professional textile appraisers or experts, but we have learned much from living in Guatemala and working with the Maya people. The information that we have is ‘direct from the source’. We hope you enjoy these beautiful items as much as we do!

About our Items
All of the textiles for sale are original vintage items, worn and loved, not items produced for the tourist trade.

Our textiles come directly from the women that make or wear them. They are made to be worn and enjoyed by their owner. They are not created with ‘textbook’ or ‘historical’ patterns and designs, but instead with what the women like. They reflect the regions, but often have influences from surrounding areas, designs & textures that the women like, incorporated into the garments. This is what makes these garments one-of-a-kind and beautifully unique!

Note these items are previously worn and loved and have imperfections; minor flaws in the weaving, possible faint staining, discolorations, color bleeding, areas wear and/or repair. We try to point out any large or obvious imperfections but may not be able to mention all. Please look at all the photos provided and ask any questions to ensure satisfaction with your purchase. If looking for items that are pristine or new, these will not fit the bill. These are full of the spirit of the lives they have touched and often show it!

Please enjoy the beauty of these items, and check back frequently as the collection continues to grow.