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Corte from Aguacatán #960

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Amazing colorful corte/skirt from the Aguacatán region of Guatemala.

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Not-often seen corte or skirt from the Aguacatán region of Guatemala. This is a woven corte, or mayan skirt is a wrap-around skirt that consists of a cut of cloth joined to form a tube into which the woman steps. Excess material is wrapped around the body and folded at the waist in pleats, and tied with a faja (belt). This corte measures 28″ wide and 48″ long (doubled). It has the opening at the long sides as shown in the picture of the corte hanging. If the stitching joining the sides of the tube were removed, this fabric would measure approximately 28″ by 96″ laid out flat.

This incredible corte has a rainbow of woven stripes throughout that are highlighted by mayan figures woven into the corte in rows. The corte is woven in a rich black cotton blend.

Fabric from cortes can be used in a variety of ways besides just for wearing, such as table covers, bed covers, curtains, throw pillows, clothing, etc. due to the heavier and more durable nature of the weaving.

This corte is in very good used condition, with little sign of wear, perhaps a few loose threads along one of the sides. A spectacular work of art!


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