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Welcome to Ixchel Textiles

‘Beautiful Textiles from Guatemala’ ~ since 2006

One of the largest online collections of Guatemalan Textiles for sale.


Ixchel Textiles has an appreciation for the beautiful clothing textiles found in Guatemala. They are created with a centuries old skill that is amazing to see first hand. Each piece has a unique design and tells a wonderful story while carrying a small part of the spirit of the weaver within its threads.

Learn more about the different parts of the traditional Guatemalan clothing here.

All of the textiles for sale here are original vintage items, worn and loved, not items produced for the tourist trade.

Please enjoy the beauty of these items, and check back frequently as the collection continues to grow. Feel free to contact us if you are looking for something in particular, we would be glad to help you find it!

Sales of these items will be used to support projects as well as to help the families of the children that we sponsor through an incredible organization called “Mayan Families” that helps the indigenous people in the Guatemala Highlands region around Lake Atitlán. Please check them out at

This is our part in the belief that ‘one person CAN make a difference’ in the world, no matter how small.


2016 Shipping Details:

A little history . . . on Monday, May 16th 2016 we were surprised with the sudden and unannounced closure of the Guatemalan Postal System when they shut their doors for good at noon that day. We discovered that the privatized postal system that had been operating in the country for 10+ years had not had their contract renewed by the Guatemalan government since 2014. Due to the lack of a formal contract, they decided to close up business and let go of a majority of their employees.

The country was shocked, surprised and up in arms over the closure and suddenly talks were underway. After a week without a national postal system, El Correo (Guatemalan Post) reopened their doors on Monday, May 23rd 2016 with business as usual for a period of 90 days (albeit reduced staff), until the Guatemalan government either renews their contract to provide national mail service or finds an alternative to the private company that was (and is currently) providing national mail service.

At Ixchel Textiles, we value each and every one of our customers and we work hard to provide secure and affordable shipping options for your purchases. We will provide the best prices possible and ensure that each package arrives at its final destination. We are currently once again working with El Correo until a time that we feel that we have a better alternative or do not feel secure in the safe arrival of purchases. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.


Take advantage of lower priced shipping from the U.S. starting the week of September 7, 2009 on selected items!

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